MIRTO is the main brand of a family owned group, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The holding MIRTOintegratesseveral companies and brands in the fashion and design industry. The Group hasbeen distinguished with the National Fashion Award granted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain.

MIRTO designs and manufactures its famous shirts and products that can be find in the best multi brand stores, boutiques, department stores and its own shop-in-shop.


MIRTO was founded in 1956 with the aim of creating shirts for the contemporary man. Today it is a leading brand in its sector, famous for its top designs and the impeccable quality of its products.

We combine exclusive fabrics, cutting-edge patterns and designs, technological innovation and the best artisan know-how to create a collection of shirts that ranges from the formal to the more sporty and casual.

For more than half a century we at MIRTO have understood how to diversify our product range, and we continually look to complement our existing collections. The shirt has always been the focus for our creativity, because it is with this garment that we first made a name for ourselves amongst both clients and distributors. And this is how our tie collection came about; for it is the natural accessory to the shirt and appeals to the elegant gentleman. Life’s more relaxed moments have inspired our home range collection, which includes pyjamas, dressing gowns and boxer shorts. These pieces bring quality fabrics and fashionable designs to the intimacy of the home. Our more recent collections have been extended to include rugby shirts and polo shirts; they are trimmed with shirt collars and use classic shirt fabrics to create a luxury sportswear range.


MIRTO has always focused excellence. Since 1956 MIRTO has designed and manufactured its collections in Spain for both men and women.

Each season we carefully select our fabrics from the finest manufacturers in the world. These fabrics are the basis of the production of each shirt. Each garment requires over 18 different pieces of cloth and more than 80 independently controlled processes to be completed. Fabrics are cut carefully and the parts are sown together using an impressive 7 stiches per centimetre. Finally each shirt is quality-controlled, ironed, folded and packaged with meticulous attention to detail and care. In this way the latest technological processes and the finest artisan know-how come together.

Manufacturing almost one million garments per year requires using more than 1.5 million metres of fabric, 7 million buttons and more than 115.000 kilometres of thread, a length that could wrap around the earth almost three times!

This video will give you even more reasons to value and appreciate our shirts. You can see the care and attention we invest in every shirt, as well as the people who make this complex process possible.


In MIRTO responsibility is a key word that goes beyond Corporate Social Responsibility that every company should harbour towards their employees, shareholders, institutions, customers and suppliers …

In MIRTO we believe that all activities regarding our businesses must be executed in the most affordable and sustainable manner. We are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and minimizing the ecological footprint that may be left through our business activity and that of our suppliers.

In MIRTO we also have a responsibility towards our clients:

With retailers or distributors that have increasingly become partners and friends, whom we listen to, helping them to grow their business.

With clients or end consumers to whom we offer attractive garments with excellent quality / price ratio to dress with style. Always offering well-made products, durable and comfortable, to help them be happier every day.

In MIRTO we believe we must be responsible towards our employees. We have a team of inestimable value that has worked with us for many years. This allows us to have an experience and expertise worthy of care and respect. We are a family business, to motivate and facilitate their personal and professional development with enthusiasm and solidarity is also part of how we like to do things.

In MIRTO we also have a responsibility towards our country and its institutions. We produce most of our clothes in our own facilities in Spain and we only subcontract supplies abroad, and only in European countries, after demanding tests to ensure they share our values in the combination of the best artisan and industrial know-how and our corporate philosophy.

In MIRTO we take seriously what we do, we do it with passion and dedication and the great satisfaction of seeing our brand and our products appreciated and esteemed.


MIRTO is the plant that names our company, our brand.

Of Mediterranean origin, it is known since ancient times for its ornamental use as a signal of victory and peace. From the gender of the Myrtaceae and also known as bayberry, it is an evergreen and fragrant shrub that can reach a height of 4 meters, with small bright green leaves, fruit shaped berries in dark blue and bunches of small white flowers, very fragrant.

Its aromatic attributes have given rise to tasty liquors and to cosmetics and perfumes; they are reminiscent of a mixture of laurel, eucalyptus and frankincense. For its voluptuous scent and exciting character attributed by the ancients, MIRTO was consecrated in mythology to the goddess Venus and is therefore also a symbol of love and beauty.

It is an easy plant to grow and very grateful, just as we are for your visit to our website!